2N Doorstation


2N Doorstation Hardware Interface

  • This solution allows you to control your 2N Doorstation directly from Crestron Home
  • Relay and IO both exposed in Crestron home
  • Supports the Crestron Actions & Events
  • Compatible with any native controls or connect to one of our tile drivers.
  • Requires Crestron Home OS  v3.4
  • Supports Hardware 2N IP Intercoms
  • Solo
  • Verso
  • 30 min fully functional Trial Mode – No Licence key or side loading required!
  • Install Direct using Crestron Home Setup App

Alternatively you can:

  • Purchase the Demo Option free of charge for a download from this site. ( Still no Licence Key)
  • Download from http://drivers.crestron.io/
  • Showroom demo licences can be requested here