Cap Ferrat – Nice

Control Systems

One of my major projects this summer has been providing networking support and AV control support to DSE Digital and their customers property in the Cote D’azur near Nice.

This project had been hit by a number of delays and it was good to finally put the plans into place and bring the project together.

The project is a holiday villa of British client who has an existing control4 system in place in their main UK residence and wanted to put AV throughout this large holiday property.

My main task on-site was to test the physical network layer and to put the network architecture and security solidly in place including VPN and other remote access for CCTV and other non-av building controls. In addition to the wired network a Wifi network was put into place covering both internal and external areas of the property to allow browsing and remote viewing of the CCTV cameras from anywhere on site.

In addition to the networking the Control4 system needed to be fully tested and any necessary programming tweaks made and ironed out prior to completion. The Installation was carried out by DSE engineers following a cabling installation by local electrical contractors. The verification of the Ethernet cabling both for teh TCP/IP network and for use in HD over Ethernet distribution was key to success.

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