Dental Appointment – AMX Control System

Control Systems

This Dental Training lab is a real bespoke environment an the solution required was really a one-off.

Working with nuVideo the project team were tasked with upgrading the audio visual systems in the clinical skills training rooms to allow the originaly anticipated functionality. The original project has hit some previous stumbling blocks from a technical perspective but with most of the required hardware in place we were able to strip out some of the extraneous equipment and hence simplify the complicated requirement.

The AMX control system designed allows the tutors to use the teaching space as one large lecture room or two smaller tutorial spaces. Each tutor station allows the connection and control of multiple devices including microscope and handheld oral cameras, laptop and other external connections.

The AMX TP-DVI product and setup gives a single screen solution for the fixed tutor PC’s and give preview and  allows annotation over all sources and detailed control of which content arrives on which of the 30 tutor stations .

 Even subsequently the final result was hard earned as a hardware problem became evident during testing of the systems and with old hardware which is out of support a workaround had to be found. Further development and testing allowed us to achieve the required solution with no additional hardware. The completion and handover was followed by training sessions for the IT staff and tutors who all commented on the success of the upgrades.

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