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Memory of Red

Ingleby Gallery celebrates its 10th anniversary this summer and moves to a new building in central Edinburgh at 15 Calton Road, behind Waverley train station.

The Edinburgh Billboard

Founded in 1998, Ingleby Gallery maintains an ambitious program of exhibitions and off-site projects by established and emerging artists. In the past 10 years, it has secured a reputation as one of the country’s leading private galleries, renowned for the quality of its exhibitions and publications. The Gallery represents artists of international standing, whilst also introducing and supporting artists at earlier stages in their career.

Lighting Control provided data proofing, programming specification and programming work on the Evolution Mode lighting system installed in the new gallery.

The system is a trailing edge dimming system connected to a number of three channel track lighting circuits. The Lighting must be flexible to accomadate the changes of exhibits within this white gallery space.

The control system designed allows the users to set-up the desired lighting levels at the setup stage of each change of exhibition or individual exhibit. Once satisfied with the lighting levels in a specific gallery the users can save the changes they have made and recall the same lighting scene for the duration of the exhibition. The system extends to allowing the saving of two scenes per area to allow a time of day change to the feel of the space.

In addition to this evolutions astronomical clock allows the gallery to be open to passers by until late into the evening the larger art works can be viewed from Edinburgh Bridges in through the windows.

Ingleby Gallery

15 Calton Road

+ 44 (0) 131 556 4441

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