Lighting Programming

During 2017 we completed the Lighting Controls for this Government project located in Caithness in the North of Scotland.

This project involved building wide lighting control of over 600 DALI Luminaires on 12 Mode Lighting Edin area controllers. Automated presence and absence detection, Daylighting Linking and manual control.

A Custom system was developed for the archive rooms automating the correct lighting based on the positioning of the moveable shelving.

The NDA is accountable for these records and has a solution to ensure that:

  • they remain secure
  • their integrity remains intact (many of them will be required for hundreds of years)
  • they are accessible in line with legislation and the relevant regulations

The NDA’s aim is to develop Nucleus (The Nuclear and Caithness Archives) as a base for training archivists and offering apprenticeships, linking up with the University of the Highlands and Islands, and North Highland College. Much of the information will eventually be digitised and made available for online access.


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