Rosslyn Chapel

Control Systems

Over the last couple of months I have been working on a project at Rosslyn Chapel just outside Edinburgh.

Rossyln a 15th-century medieval Midlothian chapel was featured in Dan Brown’s 2003 novel “The Da Vinci Code” and ever since the annual visitor numbers have rocketed!

The current refurbishment includes creation of a purpose built visitor centre and an upgrade to the lighting within the Chapel.

On this project I have been working for Mode Lighting the Lighting Controls manufacturer and alongside Arthur Mckay the electrical contractors and Gavin Fraser of FotoMA who has completed the lighting design.

Tech Blurb:

The evolution lighting controls system in Rosslyn Chapel controls a number of different types of lighting including LED, Fluorescent and Metal Halide Lighting.  The Control system has redundancy built in with system shutdown in the chapel or visitor center not affecting the other. In addition a Mode Lighting Relay Pack controls the small mains power for all audio visual systems along with a communication to the AV control systems giving the staff a single point of control for all systems.  The system has a number of control plates including the evolution LCD plate which gives text feedback to users and simple key switch control for non-technical users.

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