Control Systems

Zonal approached me with their needs for a new training facility with the opening of their new offices in the Tanfield Buildings in Edinburgh.

The suite of rooms is used both for training and meeting both internally and as a facility used for core training on Zonals technical products.

I provided consultancy relating to all rooms but the main project was assisting with the design of the main training room which is also the board-room.

The room as described above is multi-use and must be able to be reconfigured at the click of a button from a multiscreen training room , an emulated customer environment , a collaboration space or indeed a formal presentation room for board presentations.

In addition to audio visual design work involved advice on furnishings, lighting, acoustic surfaces and design of custom elements to house the audio-visual equipment. Crestron DM was specified to distribute the HD video sources along with a control system designed to provide flexibility and control of Environmental, Audio Visual and Lighting.

After overseeing the installation works by various contractors I was contracted to program the system and complete the on-site commissioning and testing.





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