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Versioning – Portal

While the drivers portal is in its infancy ( with respect to 3rd party developers listing there) we are aware that version updates are always available immediately on our website but not so quickly on the Crestron Drivers portal. While we work to improve this version parity with Crestron we would encourage all customers to side-load drivers from our site for production use. This will ensure you are running the most up to date versions of our software.

2N VERSO control double press – Monitoring:

We are aware of an issue on the 2N Doorstation driver that some users report having to send a control action twice to trigger the Switch ON / Switch OFF.

The same experiance was noted using the UI Buttons and the Sequence Actions.

This was noted specifically when controlling a 2N Verso unit on an MC4_R running 3.4.112.

The workaround for quick actions is to put two Sequence actions in each quick action.

We are still working to replicate this issue and will update on resolution. If you experience this issue please email us at or use the support page to create a ticket.

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